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I was stillnew in the city, I had just moved there from my small hometown where I was bornand grown up. The new place was for me an opportunity to discover newlandscapes and streets every day. I liked to walk a lot and especially in thoseearly summer afternoons. Sometimes, I had with me my iphone and so I couldcheck the odds for football andplace a bet.

It was nota hobby for me, it was more like a new discovery that I had made once I got inthe new city. Actually, it was a neighbor, a new friend of mine, to talk to meabout online betting.

I likedsports so much so I thought to join these two things and I started to placesport bets online. It was a sort of personal challenge with myself in order tosee if I could beat myself.

Also gettingthe right predictions on the teams and the coming soon matches is a hard work!

It was alate afternoon and I was walking towards home, when at some point I noticedthat there was someone hanging down from a tree. I thought at first it must beone of those curious guys who look into the windows of the front mansion to spya nice girl in her bedroom. As I got closer walking my way , I could see thatthe guy was my friend. I called him and asked what he was doing on that tree.

As ananswer, he told me that he was sad and wanted to get it to an end. I was scaredand tried to convince him to get down and talk as an adult. After all,everything can be overcome, he was not alone and I would help him as I could.  


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