Oregon Lottery

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In case you would like to know a few things about the Oregon Lottery and the main reasons to play here, check out this brief review. First of all, know that Oregon is known to have been a member of the Multi State Lottery Association, which is also popular for financially sustaining the Powerball Lottery. Also, the Oregon state lottery commission also features its very own Oregon Megabucks lottery game. The same local commission of Oregon is also reputed for having created other special games such as video lottery, Pick 4, or Lucky Lines, and even a raffle. The Oregon Megabucks Lottery game is currently being played on a three times per week basis. The main game play days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.


These are therefore utter days of excitement for Oregon dwellers, as they get the chance to lay the beloved standard 6/48 lottery game, pick their lucky or favorite 6 numbers out of a pool of 48 numbers and watch the winning numbers get drawn out of a drum. In case they happen to be successful at guessing all 5 numbers, they shall win the huge progressive jackpot. This means every time the lottery game is being played and no winner is announced (no one managed to successfully guess all 6 numbers) the respective jackpot gets added to the next one. The starting point has been fixed at $1,000,000, so it should definitely wink at a great deal of passionate lottery players in Oregon. There are also additional prizes handed out to players who manage to guess a few of the 6 winning numbers.  


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