Poker review

Poker review – main poker etiquette rules!

Every poker training system implies the learning of the game rules. In fact besides strategies, rules and skills he needs to know the poker order or poker etiquette in other words. This article can be called a poker tutorial, a so called poker training that will help the gamblers to be at his best.

Every poker website has general and secondary rules. Let’s make out in general ones. Lots of gamblers prefer to chat while gambling. Here one should remember one rule: chat is allowed only in English. It is also prohibited to discuss the play card. As far as abbreviations are concerned they are allowed but only those that are generally adopted.

Avoid foul language in chat and while creating nickname it’s strongly prohibited at every casino. If your opponent slows down the game tell him politely – there are thousand of reasons to that effect: bad Internet connection, PC bugs and all that stuff. Remember that every illegal try to raise your rating is nipped in the bud by any casino and moreover that kind of gamblers is often excluded from the particular casino gamblers while their accounts are blocked.

It’s also not recommended to create more than one account at a poker room. The same rule means that it’s prohibited for few people to play from the same e-mail address or computer. This rules is very strict and the gamblers usually tend to spend poker nights to renew their account but it’s useless – it is blacked.

If you want to learn our online casino poker website conditions and rules read them in “Terms and Conditions”. Have a good gambling!